Learn Expository Writing Techniques.

Enliven your business writing!

From large corporations to one-person shops, good communication is essential to all businesses of any size. Workplace writing must be clear, concise, and descriptive to avoid confusion and to ensure successful daily interactions. However, you do not have to be a novelist to produce illustrative business writing. "Creative Business Writing" teaches uncreative people how to use expository writing skills to produce detailed and descriptive workplace documents. Overall, readers will build confidence in developing informative and engaging business documents by using a variety of expository writing techniques.

As a result of taking this class, you will:
  • Incorporate expository writing techniques in general business writing.
  • Get familiar with the writing process.
  • Learn from a dynamic college English instructor with over 20 years’ experience who has recently published six books on grammar and proofreading, and actively freelances as a writer and editor.

What You Get

As an individual (single user), you have full access to class materials for your specified time of enrollment. You must complete all lessons, and receive 75% on all quizzes to receive your certificate. Learn at your own pace.

  • Video Lessons, Lecture Slides, Quizzes, PDF Handouts

  • One-time payment. Lifetime Access.

  • Certificate of Completion

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Course Curriculum

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  • 1

    Getting Started

    • Welcome to Class!

    • Video: Viewing Lessons

    • Video: Peek Inside

    • Video: What is Creative Business Writing?

    • Audio: Essays vs. Business Writing

  • 2

    Effective Business Writing

    • Audio: Business Writing Tips

    • PDF: Chapter 2 Effective Business Writing

    • PDF: Checklist

  • 3

    The Writing Process

    • Video: The Writing Process

    • Slides: Writing Process

    • Quiz: Writing Process

  • 4


    • Video: Narration

    • Slides: Narration

    • Exercises & Answers

    • Quiz: Narration

  • 5


    • Video: Description

    • Slides: Description

    • Handout: Description

    • Exercise: Description

    • Answers: Description

    • Quiz: Description

  • 6


    • Videos: Illustration

    • Slides: Illustration

    • Exercise: Illustration

    • Answers: Illustration

    • Quiz: Illustration

  • 7


    • Video: Process Essay

    • Slides: Process Essay

    • Exercise: Process

    • Answers: Process

    • Quiz: Process

  • 8

    Comparison & Contrast

    • Video: Comparison & Contrast

    • Slides: Comparison & Contrast

    • Exercises: Comparison & Contrast

    • Answers: Comparison & Contrast

    • Quiz: Comparison & Contrast

  • 9


    • Video: Classification

    • Slides: Classification

    • Exercise & Answers

    • Quiz: Classification

  • 10


    • Video: Definition

    • Slides: Definition

    • Exercise: Definition

    • Answers: Definition

    • Quiz: Definition

  • 11

    Cause & Effect

    • Video: Cause & Effect

    • Slides: Cause & Effect

    • Exercises & Answers

    • Quiz: Cause & Effect

  • 12


    • Video: Argument Essay

    • Slides: Argument Essay

    • Exercises: Argument Essay

    • Audio: Explanation

    • Quiz: Argument Essay

  • 13

    Before You Finish

    • Course Review

    • More Resources

    • More Online Classes

    • Keep Learning: My Books

    • Your Certificate

    • Quick Exit Survey


  • Why is there a time limit on enrollment?

    Our classes are built to deliver high quality training in a short amount of time for maximum learning, practice, and retention.

  • Why are there no refunds?

    All enrollments are final. No refunds. Our courses have taken copious amounts of time, soul energy, and personal finances to build. We are confident that all of our courses deliver the exact instruction you need to improve your writing skills. Please take our low-cost introductory class, "Grammar Essentials Jump-start" to get a good feel for the value you receive at such affordable prices. You will not be disappointed!

  • When will I receive my certificate?

    When you have fulfilled all class requirements, and have scored a 75% or above on all assignments, you will receive a certificate within 24-48 hours after you have finished the class, not to exceed 7 days after finishing, depending on holidays and high enrollment volumes.


Ashan R. Hampton

Instructor Bio

Ashan R. Hampton has worked as an English instructor in higher education for over 20 years. She is a proud graduate of the Donaghey Scholars Program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock under the direction of Dr. C. Earl Ramsey, Emeritus. With her doctoral studies on hold, Ashan has found success in online education. She produces and teaches original writing and grammar courses for global audiences. She is also a published author and has recently released the following grammar and proofreading books: 1) "Grammar Essentials for Proofreading, Copyediting & Business Writing,"  2) "Proofreading Power: Skills & Drills," and 3) "Adult Learner Grammar Essentials," now available on Amazon and other popular booksellers. All book titles and ordering information are posted on her website at: www.arhampton.com.