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Great for Christian men & women who anticipate delivering a sermon or inspirational address.

The "How to Write a Sermon for African American Audiences" online course is a quick guide to sermon writing. New ministers, teachers, and even seasoned pastors can benefit from this straight-forward approach to sermon writing. Although the techniques are not racially specific, the course materials are geared toward Black church membership. Ultimately, the following lessons help students to write a sermon with ease and confidence.

This beginner sermon writing online course covers the following topics:
  • Is this for you?
  • Sermon Format
  • Finding a Text
  • Narrowing Text
  • Using online resources (Video)
  • Interpreting Text
  • Discovering Themes
  • Historical Context
  • Key Words
  • Theological Context
  • Theme & Title
  • Sermon Outline
  • Favorite Preachers
  • Sermon Resources

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