How good are your employees' writing skills? What can be improved?

Find out with these ready-to-use writing assessments. The video explanations and scoring guides make the results easy to tally and share with test-takers.


The entry level or job applicant writing test measures general writing skills that entry level employees should easily answer. The 25 questions on this assessment cover sentence structure, vocabulary, basic grammar, and spelling. Overall, this assessment gauges how well an applicant can spot and correct errors most commonly found in workplace writing.


The general writing assessment consists of 25 questions that cover punctuation, usage, sentence structure, spelling, vocabulary, and proofreading. This assessment is best suited for current employees at the rank of clerical, administrative assistants or customer service representatives—people who handle general correspondence on a daily basis (e.g. emails, memos, letters, etc.) Supervisors and department leaders should also be able to score well on this writing test.


The advanced writing assessment consists of 50 questions that cover elements of business writing, such as capitalization, usage, sentence correction, gender bias, and expressions of numbers, in addition to the writing skills covered in the general assessment. Instead of merely spotting errors, employees must correct intermediate sentence and paragraph level errors of concern in workplace writing. Use this test as a learning opportunity for current leaders and staff.

What's Inside

All of the materials are available for immediate download. Please use fair use copyright laws when printing and distributing throughout your organization.

Use these assessments as learning opportunities for employees who must write well. Invest in their professional development by enrolling in our online writing classes. Also, purchase our grammar and proofreading books at

  • Entry Level Test (PDF & Word)

  • General Writing Test (PDF & Word)

  • Advanced Writing Test (PDF & Word)

  • 3 Video Explanations (MP4)
    3 Scoring Sheets (Word)

  • 12-Week Download Access

Course Curriculum

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    Entry Level Test

    • Entry Level Test

    • Answers: Entry Test

    • MS WORD: Entry Test

    • PDF: Scoring Sheet

    • MS WORD: Scoring Sheet

    • Video: Entry Answers

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    General Writing Test

    • General Writing Test

    • Answers: General Test

    • MS WORD: General Test

    • PDF: Scoring Sheet

    • MS WORD: Scoring Sheet

    • Video: General Answers

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    Advanced Writing Test

    • Advanced Writing Test

    • Answers: Advanced Test

    • MS WORD: Advanced Test

    • PDF: Scoring Sheet

    • MS WORD: Scoring Sheet

    • Video: Advanced Answers

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